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"Try This" Thursday..

by Stacy Anderson May 11, 2017

What it is.. Portable, waterproof, bluetooth speak with a built in Carabiner. 

Why we love it.. Hook the Clip2 onto anything and take it on all your adventures! You don't have to worry about spills or water damage.. You can literally submerge in water! The speaker has a rechargeable LI-ion battery that supports up to 8 hours of play time! Last but not least, we love it because your tunes sound great!! 

Why you will love it.. This speaker really does appeal to the masses! Everyone loves having a small, bluetooth speaker.. and it's waterproof?!! The JBL Clip2 makes the perfect gift for your VIP clients, employees, or really anyone that you want to give a branded product to. We guarantee this product will not be thrown away or forgotten about! There is no doubt that this branded product will stand out from the rest! 


Pricing.. Starts at $62 for a customized JBL Clip2 speaker. 

Specs.. Choose from black, blue, red, teal or grey. Dimensions: 141mm x 94mm x 42mm. Weight: 184g. 


Stacy Anderson
Stacy Anderson


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