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"Try This" Thursday.. Fully custom socks!

by Stacy Anderson June 15, 2017

What it is.. Fully customizable ankle socks, that are pantone matched to your exact colors. Other styles of socks are available.

Why we love it.. Comfortable and cute! What else could you ask for in a sock? These socks are 100% made to order. The imprint is knit-in jacquard or embroidery. This means the color is not rubbing off. The color is bright and vibrant until you wash them 100's of times because they are your favorite socks :).                                                                                                            

Why you will love it.. 

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"Try This" Thursday.. Customized Wooden Plaque

by Stacy Anderson June 01, 2017

What it is.. Custom wooden plaque with a natural bark edge. 

Why we love it.. 
Unique, rustic and one of a kind.. This natural basswood plank is perfect

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"Try This" Thursday..

by Stacy Anderson May 11, 2017

What it is.. Portable, waterproof, bluetooth speak with a built in Carabiner. 

Why we love it.. Hook the Clip2 onto anything and take it on all your adventures! You don't have to worry about spills or water damage.. You can literally submerge in water! The speaker has a rechargeable LI-ion battery that supports up to 8 hours of

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"Try This" Thursday: Stainless Steel Tumbler

by Stacy Anderson April 20, 2017

What it is.. 16 oz Stainless Steel Pint Tumbler

Why we love it.. 

With Summer coming we want to encourage our clients to purchase items that make a mark on their audience, but not on the earth! This American made product is BPA free and is made from a new material that is a heavy duty tasteless steel! The

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"Try This" Thursday: Hand Crafted Wooden 6oz Flask

by Stacy Anderson April 13, 2017

What it is.. High quality 6oz hip flask that is hand crafted from local wood. Wood options include Black Walnut, Aromatic Cedar, Mahogany, or Caramelized Bamboo.

Why we love it.. We love functional, beautiful products that are made in the USA! The wood is locally sourced and the engraving is

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"Try This" Thursday: Custom Wooden Ultra Slim Power Bank

by Stacy Anderson April 01, 2017

What it is.. Dual fast charging 4000 mAh Ultra Slim Built-In iPhone Lightning Cable & Micro USB Plug. AKA-Power bank that works for your IPhone and Android! This slim power bank will recharge your entire phone by simply plugging it in to the cord that tucks away neatly in the Power Bank. Wood options: Cedar, Black Walnut, Mahogany, & Bamboo. 

Why we love it.. 100% Real Wood. 100% Real Power. The turbocharged lithium ion battery provides plenty of extra juice for all of your favorite electronic devices. Locally sourced wood,

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"Try This Thursday" Custom 2 Tone Coffee Mugs

by Stacy Anderson March 24, 2017

What it is.. 14oz stoneware Coffee Mug: Matte White with Glossy Sky Blue on the inside. Available in White/Red, White/Orange, White/Lime Green, White/Cobalt Blue, and White/Black. 

Why we love it.. We love coffee and tea! Who doesn't? We all have our favorite mug and this is ours! It's a great looking mug, that looks good,

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"Try This" Thursday! Giveaway Sunglasses

by Stacy Anderson March 16, 2017

What it is.. Colored sunglasses, UV eye protection, with your logo on the side. This particular sunglass comes in several colors and patterns. 

Why we love it.. Who doesn't love a free pair of sunglasses? This is the perfect giveaway for your Summer event. You can watch your brand shine while knowing

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"Try This" Thursday.. Custom packing tape!

by Stacy Anderson March 09, 2017


What it is.. Packing tape with your logo on it! Don't waste valuable space.. Customize that box.. or anything really (maybe not your coworkers!). 

Why we love it.. Don't you think a box is a little boring? We do! Who doesn't love a little flare? Why not take advantage of dressing up a box and seeing your name holding it all together! You can also print with special handling and care instructions. 

Why you will love it.. This is great for branding your packages when sending products or gifts to your clients. You put a lot of time into the product itself,

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"Try This" Thursday.. Custom Stuffed T-Shirts

by Stacy Anderson March 02, 2017

What it is.. Is it a steak? Is it a T-shirt? Yes, it's both! 

Why we love it.. Everyone can do a custom T-shirt.. but who does a custom

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"Try This" Thursday.. Sale on Sticky Notes!

by Stacy Anderson February 23, 2017

Happy Thursday! As promised, we have another "Try This" product for you! Not only do we want to provide you with the coolest, most interesting ideas.. but we want to help you get the most bang for your $$! People often ask us about a branded product that is inexpensive and effective. One of my first thoughts is the Sticky Note.. Especially when they are on sale for 50% off! 

What it is.. 4"x3" Adhesive Notepad by Bic. 50 sheets. 4-Color process imprint included in the price! 

Why we love it.. Inexpensive branded item that you can give out freely to your potential customers. Who doesn't have a pad of sticky notes on their desk right now?

Why you will love it.. Show off your logo in 4 color at no additional fee! Do you want to be memorable

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"Try This" Thursday.. Engraved Steel Water Bottles with Bamboo Caps

by Stacy Anderson February 16, 2017 1 Comment

Welcome to Week 1 of "Try This" Thursday! Our goal is to offer you a product that not only intrigues you enough to read the blog.. but opens your mind to the world of possibilities that we can offer to BRAND your life. So please READ-ON!.

WHAT IT IS.. A bottle as unique as you are! Engraved, premium quality, 25oz (750ml) insulated stainless steel bottle. Bottles are carefully crafted, BPA free and food safe. Keeps your beverage cold for 24 hours or hot for 12 hours.

WHY WE LOVE IT.. We believe in saving the environment one plastic bottle at a time, and in style! The bottle has a slim profile that fits in a cup holder, a metal ring so you can hook it to a backpack and a stainless steel cap with a bamboo top. Who else has their company's logo engraved in bamboo on a custom water bottle?

WHY YOU WILL LOVE IT.. Ideal gift for your investors or VIP clients with options to not only engrave your logo, but individual names too.

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